My name is Alexander Prokhorov. 

I joined the group of Prof. Alexander Loskutov at 1993-1994. At that moment the group belonged to the Department of Low Temperature and Superconductivity

At the same time (1993) I joined the IT team at Institute for System Programming of Russian Academy of Science

The name of my master degree research (diploma) is "On the properties of quadratic maps under parametric perturbations". More detailed information about this paper you can find here

The goal of my degree research was to model the parameter perturbations of  the dynamical systems (by creating the computer model) and to find the stable regions in these systems,  where the chaos  dominated before parametric perturbations. 

Combining the study at the group of Prof. Alexander Loskutov and work at the Institute of System Programming had helped me to perform the complicated computer investigations that were necessary to finish my degree PhD thesis. 

In 1995-1996 as my scientific practices, I was a member of research team of Prof. Alexander Volkov at the Institute of General Physics. I performed some experimental measurements, using the submillimeter spectrometer. 

Also I've become familiar with servers, disks-arrays and high availability systems of Data General corporation, which now is a small division of EMC corporation. 

The title of my PhD work was "Distributed systems as pattern models: space-time behavior investigation and elements of dynamics control". More here

The most interesting part of my PhD thesis was one dimensional coupled map lattices studying. The new software was created to explore the models of these maps under different conditions, using the new method, proposed by Sergey Rybalko

Right now I'm working in IT industry and performing investigation of 2D coupled map lattices. 

You can get in touch with me by email